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        2020-03-26 15:57 | 太奇MBA網



          I realized I had let myself in something from which there was no turning _____.

          A.around   B.back   C.away   D.down

          2.Those close to him are _________ that he hopes to stay on till the end of his term.

          A.ensured   B.confirmed   C.supposed   D.convinced

          3.Working women haven't left the family role behind:now they are _____to work even harder to do both.

          A.expected   B.wished    C.hoped   D.desired

          4.Modem technology has brought ______communication between people far apart.

          A.competent   B.convenient   C.conscious   D.complete

          5.Under no_______ are children allowed to tell lies to their parents.

          A.circumstances   B.situations   C.occasions   D.moments

          6.No ready technical data available,we managed to ______ them.

          A.go down   B.go off   C.go up   D.go without

          7.The basic causes are unknown though certain conditions that may lead to cancer have been_____.

          A.identified   B.guaranteed   C.notified   D.conveyed

          8.The actor and actress provided superb interpretations of their ___________ roles.

          A.respectful   B.respective   C.respecting   D.respected

          9.Computers _____ 5%of the country's commercial electricity consumption.

          A.pay for   B.stand for   C.account for   D.provide for

          10.The museum has been temporarily closed ______the public.

          A.with   B.to   C.on   D.for

          12.Every manager needs a secretary that he can______ to take care of something that may occur in

          his absence.

          A.bring on   B.hold on   C.count on   D.focus on

          13.The shirt is a real bargain because it is good in quality and ______ in price.

          A.valuable   B.remarkable   C.available   D.reasonable

          14.In this advanced course,students are required to take performance tests at monthly______..

          A.gaps   B.lengths   C.distances   D.intervals

          15.American women were ______ the right to vote until 1920.

          A.ignored   B.refused   C.derived   D.denied

          16.Since any answer may bring ______ to his government,the spokesman tried to avoid the question.

          A.embarrassment   B.commitment   C.failure   D.benefit

          17.It is possible for a person to _____ negative attitudes and gain healthy confidence needed to realize his or her dreams.

          A.get away with    B.get rid of   C.get out of   D.get along with

          18.If you miss the cultural references _____ a word,you’re very likely to miss its meaning.

          A.below   B.before   C.behind   D.beyond

          19.I cannot ____ your plan,for I see no money return for the pursuit

          A.argue with   B.approve of   C.turn down   D.give up

          20.The thief was so ______ by the bright lights and barking dogs that he left hastily.

          A.frightened    B.annoyed   C.puzzled   D.disappointed